CAPPADOCIA (Kapadokya)

-The land of the beautiful horses-

Cappadocia is a region where history and nature come together in one of the most amazing scenic places in the world.

The unusual landscape was formed up to 9 million years ago when the surrounding 3 volcanoes (Mt.Erciyes, Mt.Hasan and Mt.Melendiz) erupted and spat their contents for hundreds of miles. Over time and with the extreme weather conditions of Cappadocia the current rock formations and valleys were formed.

The region dates back to the 6th century B.C. and has been ruled by Empires as great as the Hittites and Romans.
Cappadocia’s history is largely Christian and this is evident in the hundreds of churches, monasteries and underground cities carved into the rock formations and valleys around the region.

While in town why not join one of the many tours to see the area as best you can. You can visit an underground city built for protection and religious reasons by the local people and then stroll the pretty Ihlara Valley. You can see Yaprakhisar Valley where Star Wars gained its film set inspiration and have some fun in Love Valley with your camera. Why not join a horse riding adventure through Rose Valley and do not miss the opportunity to fly above the region in a Hot Air Balloon to take in the true beauty of Cappadocia.